(BSR) & Abrasion Resistants

Buzz, Squeak & Rattle (BSR) & abrasion resistant tapes are frequently used where two components contact each other and could create wear that might compromise the function or life of the component(s) and/or an unwanted noise. Abrasion resistance is also typically a characteristic required in most anti-squeak or BSR tapes. Considering the large plastics content in vehicles, it is common for plastic components to contact each other creating unwanted noise and wear. Derby produces these tapes from several materials. Derby can produce these tapes using pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to.

  • • Non-woven – a type of felt that can be produced as thin as .3mm. A very inexpensive material with relatively good abrasion resistance.
  • • Flock – more expensive than non-woven, however, flock is available in multiple colors and has better abrasion resistance. Flock is often used when the tape might be visible to the consumer.
  • • Foam – different types of foam can act as gap fillers while also performing as an abrasion resistant pad.
  • • UHMW – Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene can be produced as a clear tape, or in multiple colors, or even with a pigment additive in the adhesive that makes the tape show up under black light. UHMW has excellent abrasion resistance.

Please contact us at info@derbyfab.com for additional information about abrasion resistant tapes.

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