A. B. C. Pillar Insulation

Acoustic Insulation is used to reduce unwanted noise. In automobiles, acoustic insulation can be found in door panels, headliners, instrument panels, even under hood applications. There are a variety of materials used to reduce engine or exhaust noise and to reduce the amount of exterior noise entering the cabin. Depending on the specific application, acoustic insulation can be attained by using one or a combination of:

  • • Polyester Fiber (PET)
  • • Polypropylene Fiber
  • • Fiberglass
  • • Urethane Foam
  • • Shoddy Cotton

Often times the acoustic performance of these products can be improved by adding a foil or scrim facing to the material. Derby Fabricating has developed close working relationships with multiple insulation manufacturers. We also have the ability to laminate pressure sensitive adhesive to any of these insulation materials up to 60” wide, and can die cut parts as large as 76” x 72”.

Automotive pillars often require internal insulation to keep engine and road noise out and to prevent buzz, squeak and rattle issues. The pillars can also be wrapped in decorative fabrics. Derby can provide the insulation components as well as adhesive backed cloth providing a class “A” appearance. Please contact us at info@derbyfab.com for additional information.

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